18′ Kingfisher

From ther you should be able to prioritize whats important to you. Many of the guys prefer and love their tillers but for many different reasons. Rightfully so , there are many advantages to a tiller, same for consoles. it’s not just the lack of a windshield but the fact you are sitting in the very back of the boat, so any spray that comes up, and gets blown over is going to get you. I fish with my wife and kids often enough in a tiller and never hear any of the complaints that the windshield crowd has. I’d be interested how many of the anti-tillers have been in a tiller larger than 14ft. My old boat did have more front to back room, but the new one is so much wider, that it seems huge even with the full windsheild compared to what I had.

All that being said, I firmly believe that a boat with a WT is the only way to go with kids and wife along, especially in winter, spring, and fall. If you don’t have a wife and children that want to be on the boat with you.

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Fishing Console

I fish on the St Marys river where a 10 mile run is a short run. I’ve talked to my dealer and someone on the Lund pro staff. I hope that eventually they make the changes that I am selfishly looking for my next boat. When your about to purchace a new rig, sit down and write all the pro’s of a tiller and pro’s of a console.

I wish I had purchased the tiller version of the same boat. The best boat for cruising and protection from the elements was the 18 footer by far. You can get both in as big or little as you would want, so it’s really about preference vs what works best for any certain body of water. For the die-hard offshore anglers that appreciate function and comfort. Everything that sets our larger models apart packed it into a smaller vessel.

There’s just something fun about moving your arm an inch or two and feeling the boat respond. Greg, I can tell you that I left a wheel boat and am going to tiller. I can go to a smaller boat (see #1) and have more floor space.

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